"The commitment to this gig is no joke" - McCaffrey on Gavin

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Jack McCaffrey is familiar with Jim Gavin having won an All-Ireland medal with him as an under-21 prior to joining Gavin's senior panel.

McCaffrey was speaking to the assembled media outside Crumlin Hospital in the wake of the historic five-in-a-row winning final.

Although as the player was quick to point out, he hadn't won five. McCaffrey took a summer away from the game in 2016 to volunteer in Africa as part of his medical studies.

There has been speculation about the future of both veteran goalkeeper Stephen Cluxton and also manager Jim Gavin following the side's latest success.

The Clontarf man is under no illusions about the commitment required and the commitment Gavin has shown in leading an elite sporting outfit.

"The commitment to this gig is no joke, it's obviously a big undertaking. Once you are enjoying it this is the best place in the world you can possibly be."

Winning a historic five All-Ireland Championships in a row should be enjoyable, but McCaffrey says once that stops, people tend to consider their futures.

"It's when that enjoyment goes that I think people find themselves stepping away. Obviously life gets in the way, everyone has things going on. Jim has never had anything to prove."


Unsurprisingly, the Clontarf doctor has nothing but praise for his Bainisteoir.

"He's a gentleman. He's a fabulous man. He doesn't care what you guys (media) think of him."

"He is just there to look after us and to make sure we do as well as we possibly can."

The 2015 footballer of the year was keen to point out he wasn't talking on Gavin's behalf but is under no illusions about how the man that has led the Dublin senior footballers to this stage will go about his future.

"I'd imagine, without putting words in the man's mouth, that he'll keep doing that until he feels that he can't anymore."

Dublin fans will be hoping that feeling doesn't come over Jim Gavin any time soon.

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