Caster Semenya left disappoint...


Caster Semenya left disappointed as judge bars her from World Championship

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South African middle-distance runner Caster Semenya won't be allowed to defend her 800m World title in Qatar this autumn.

It's after a judge of the Swiss Federal Supreme Court reinstated a temporary suspension over controversial IAAF regulations that require female competitors with naturally elevated testosterone levels to undergo hormonal drug intervention.

Semenya failed in appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport earlier this year.

Speaking about the latest barrier to her competing at her preferred distance, Semenya says "I  am very disappointed to be kept from defending my hard-earned title, but this will not deter me from continuing my fight for the human rights of all the female athletes concerned."

Semenya continues to appeal the ruling which stops her from racing without using medication. The lawyer leading her appeal - Dorothee Schramm says, "The judge’s procedural decision has no impact on the appeal itself.

Speaking after CAS upheld the IAAF ruling, sports scientist Ross Tucker told Off The Ball, I understand that this is such a complex issue that doing the perfect study is impossible. The good research here is unethical and the ethical research is just not good. But, this research was bad."

During the suspension of the ruling, Semenya won the 800m at Palo Alto on June 30, while also winning a 2000m race at Montreuil in France. Under the IAAF ruling, Semenya can't race between 400m and 3000m without artificial hormone suppressants.

"We will continue to pursue Caster’s appeal and fight for her fundamental human rights. A race is always decided at the finish line."

The IAAF put out the following brief statement regarding the latest ruling, "We understand the Swiss federal tribunal will be issuing its full decision on this order [on Wednesday] and the IAAF will comment once the tribunal makes its reasoning public."

The 17th World Athletics Championships are due to get underway in Qatar on September 28.

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