'What Brooks said wasn't wrong...


'What Brooks said wasn't wrong' - McIlroy is reponse to rivalry comments

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Rory McIlroy doesn't think Brooks Koepka was wrong when the American complained about the lack of rivalry between the two players saying "Rory hasn't won a major since I've been on the PGA Tour."

Koepka has won four majors, all since 2017. McIlroy, in contrast, has won the same amount of majors - but all before he turned 26. He did, however, win the FedEx Cup in August, and walked away with a cheque for $15 million.

"I'm number one in the world. I've got open-road in front of me, I'm not looking in the rearview mirror, so I don't see it as a rivalry.

"You know if the fans do call it a rivalry, then that's on them and it could be fun.

"Look I love Rory he's a great player and he's fun to watch, but it's just hard to believe there's a rivalry in golf. I just don't see it," said Koepka earlier this month.

"What Brooks said wasn't wrong," said the former world number one McIlroy in an interview to GOLFTV.

"I mean, he's been the best player in the world the last couple years - four majors. I don't think he had to remind me that I haven't won one in a while.

"I love Brooks, he's a great guy. Obviously super-competitive, like we all are. I can see where he's coming from.

"I think if you take what Brooks said out of context then it can become this big thing that it's become. But Brooks and I are good, we're good friends."

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