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Ada Hegerberg: "I didn't consider it sexual harassment"

Darren Cleary
Darren Cleary

10:32 4 Dec 2018

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Ballon d'Or winner Ada Hegerberg believes the sexism storm that followed a remark made by one of the hosts has been blown out of proportion.

Martin Solveig caused controversy when he asked her to twerk on-stage after she received the top individual prize in World football.

The Lyon striker became the first ever female winner of the Ballon d'Or on Monday but her historic success was overshadowed, a 4 second clip that spread like wildfire on social media.

The DJ for the ceremony Solveig asked Hegerberg: "Do you know how to twerk?"

Hegerberg was dismissive and simply responded: "No."

After the incident Hegerberg was quick to defend the vilified DJ and said:

"I've had a lot of questions about that subject," Hegerberg told reporters.

"He came to me after and he was really, really sad that it went that way.

"I didn't think about it in that moment, I didn't consider it as a sexual harassment or anything.

"I was just happy to get a dance and celebrate winning the Ballon d'Or, to be honest."

Solveig took to social media to send Hegerberg an apology and gave his view on the incident saying: "I am a little bit amazed as to what I am reading on the internet," he said in a video message. "I, of course, didn't want to offend anyone.

"This comes from a distortion of my English level and my English culture level, which is obviously not enough because I didn't mean to offend anyone and didn't know this could be seen as such an offence.

"Especially if you consider the sequence in total, when we ended up dancing to Frank Sinatra.

"This was a joke, probably a bad one, and I want to apologise for the one I may have offended, sorry about that."

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