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Totally Irish Podcast - 14th November 2021

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On this week's Totally Irish John chatted to musicians Cat Dowling and Chameleon and played the best new releases from this week.


49th & Main I Want U

Khakikid Cozy

Chameleon You Know

Malaki Fair Play

Cat Dowling All That I Can Do

Cat Dowling Animals  (LIVE)

Cat Dowling Freedom

Sorcha Richardson Don’t Talk About It (Live @ Bedroom Sets)


Bullet Girl The Hunt

We Cut Corners Go Easy

Neil Dexter I’ll Be With You

Priice Ghosting

Abbacaxi The Pageant

Xona This Could Be Us

Dark Tropics Moroccan Sun

Telefís Mister Imperator

Cosmic Big Man Big City

April Piece Of Me

F3mii Nice To Know

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