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Transport Minister Meeting With DAA After Further Drone Activity

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The Transport Minister is meeting with officials from DAA this morning following more drone activity at the Airport last night.

Both Aer Lingus and Ryanair have called the ongoing activity 'unacceptable'

The operator DAA said flights were stopped between 8:22pm and 8.52pm on Tuesday, "in line with our safety protocols."

It said An Garda Síochána was advised immediately, and there were no flight diversions.

"On the day in which a second person in two weeks has been charged with flying a drone near Dublin Airport, we would remind drone users that it is illegal to fly a drone within 5km of an Irish airport," the DAA said in a statement.

"Severe punishments must follow for anyone found guilty and the State must consider counter-drone technology for use by the Department of Defence to take down drones that threaten passengers and aircraft activity in such a reckless manner," the DAA added.

Transport Minister Eamon Ryan says there aren't any fool-proof mechanisms that will eradicate the problem, aside from ensuring people are prosecuted.

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