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Sports Minister "Confident" More Fans Could Attend Matches In August

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09:11 9 Jul 2021

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The junior sports minister has hinted at more increased crowds at sports matches as the Summer progresses.

It comes as 18 thousand people will be allowed to attend the Leinster hurling final between Kilkenny and Dublin at Croke Park next weekend.

The same number will be allowed at the football semi-finals the following weekend, with 7 thousand to attend the Munster hurling final.

Minister "Confident" Of More Fans In August

Sports Minister Jack Chambers is confident that more fans will be allowed attend bigger spectacles in August:

"It's new for the stadia, it's new for the sporting organisations."

They've all embraced this."

"I'm confident we can continue to build on that."

"Obviously we have some important fixtures happening in August for example."

"So I'm confident we can build on the 18,000 from next weekend, and grow that number."

Main Image: Mossy Quinn celebrates scoring a free against Tyrone, 2005 -  Haydn West/PA Archive/PA Images

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