Sinkhole Opens Up In Sandymoun...


Sinkhole Opens Up In Sandymount

Emma Tyrrell
Emma Tyrrell

06:42 11 Apr 2024

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A sinkhole that appeared in the middle of a village in south Dublin has been patched up.

It's unclear what caused part of the road in Sandymount to collapse.

At around 4.30pm yesterday afternoon locals noticed a hole had opened up at Sandymount Green. Pictures posted online show part of a road beside a kerb had fallen in outside a busy shop.

Gardaí placed a cordon around the hole and an on-call crew from the city council was sent out to inspect it. A temporary repair was made to make the area safe.

Further investigations will be carried out today in a bid to find out what caused the sinkhole, with a permanent repair to follow.

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