Saturday Night Crowds In Dubli...


Saturday Night Crowds In Dublin City Centre Described As "Worrying"

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98FM News

12:05 5 Jul 2020

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Photos and videos have appeared on social media of large Saturday night crowds gathering in Dublin city centre.

While only pubs that can serve food are only allowed open, Gardaí are performing spot checks on them too.

Also people are being urged to follow social distancing if they do head out.

However this video of Dame Lane was posted yesterday evening:


Dublin city councillor Mannix Flynn is appealing to people to have respect for other people's health.

He said he saw people spilling onto city footpaths last night and a lack of social distancing in some areas.

Councillor Flynn suggested he and others were 'nervous' due to the numbers of people on some city centre streets.

Meanwhile, Dr Catherine Motherway says personal responsibility is the key

She said: "One of the most important things we have to do is educate and empower our populations on how to live with this virus."

"We do need to have personal responsibility."

“You can look into an establishment if you want to go for a drink."

W...Which we’d all like to do after the long period of time, and you can actually be responsible."

"If it doesn’t look safe, don’t enter."

“If you’re socialising with your friends… try to keep meeting the same group of people so you minimise your contact with lots of different people."

"That’s how we’re going to have to live for the next period of time.”

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