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Rotunda Hospital Maternity Services Resume Fully From Today

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Full maternity services are resuming at the Rotunda Hospital this morning.

Maternity appointments for patients less than 36 weeks pregnant at the Rotunda had been cancelled since the cyber attack on Friday.

However, from this morning, the full programme for maternity patients will be back up and running.

Some gynaecology appointments are being restored this week also.

Patients will be contacted directly while it's hoped full services can be resumed from next week.

"Over the last few days, all appointments under 36 weeks had effectively been cancelled," says the Master of the Rotunda Fergal Malone.

"That's because we had no access to our electronic records."

"However, over the weekend we've been able to recreate our paper-based system," he added.

"[This means] we've been able to bring back all services for pregnant patients no matter what their gestational age."

Anyone who had an appointment cancelled on Friday, Monday or Tuesday is asked to contact the Rotunda's helpline on 01 291 9351.

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