"Right To Light" Being Impeded By New Housing Project In The Liberties

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Residents in an apartment block in the Liberties say their "right to light" is being overlooked by Dublin City Council.

A council inspector's report found that a new seven story social housing unit will "detrimentally restrict" daylight to the South Gate apartment complex on Cork Street.

Resident Delphine O'Keefe said the quality of her home life will be changed forever and added that some of her neighbours are planning to move out

"The impact of the existing residents has not been seriously considered," she said.

"It feels depressing and disillusioning that some serious concerns were highlighted and submitted and just not taken into account."

Councillor's Defend The Decision

But despite the report's findings, the Council approved the build.

Green Party Cllr Michael Pigeon is defending its decision.

"Does [the development] meet the minimum light standards? Yes, they exceed them."

"You have to balance the need for housing in that area," he said.

He said the demand for accommodation, the city centre location and the proximity to Weaver Park contributed to his decision making process.

Cllr Pigeon said it's an "ideal social housing location".

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