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Retailers Should 'Do The Right Thing' Regarding Non-Essential Items


04:19 24 Oct 2020

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Non-essential retail is not allowed to open under Level 5 guidelines

Large food stores should "do the right thing" and close sections selling non-essential items during Level 5 restrictions, according to Retail Excellence.

Under the rules, only essential retail outlets are permitted to stay open.

However, some retailers are continuing to sell non-essential items like clothing - while thousands of businesses remain closed.

Duncan Graham, Managing Director of Retail Excellence said it's been a "dreadful" week for retail.

He said: "This has been a dreadful week in retail, I think we've gone from a situation where there's been a palpable sense of shock on Monday evening from many of our members that the government would take this stance.

"I think the biggest shock was that it was going to be over a six-week period.

"Throughout this week we've taken hundreds of calls from members and emails around the whole subject"

"The vast majority of non-essential retail is simply doing the right thing"

He says large retailers selling non-essential items should "do the right thing" until the Level 5 restrictions are lifted on December 1st.

He added: "Bear in mind it's only nine weeks until Christmas and it's a time when retailers make around 70% of their annual turnover"

"Some large retailers which have food halls and clothing section should literally only be selling food."

Retail Excellence is urging all those opening despite the guidelines to stop and work with those that are following the rules.

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