Record Money Collected From M5...


Record Money Collected From M50 Toll Charges

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A record of nearly 170 million euro was collected in toll charges on the M50 last year.

It's almost 30 million euro more than in 2021, and is also significantly above pre-pandemic levels.

Almost 175 million was collected on nine other tolls last year, according to Transport Infrastructure Ireland.

After the M50, the next highest income last year was on the M1 toll in Dundalk, at over 32 million.

That's marginally more than the M4 toll at Kilcock-Kinnegad, at 31.8 million.

Aontu leader Peadar Tóibín believes the M50 toll should be scrapped.

''The M50 has already been paid over and over again by the people. We have paid well over a billion euro for the m50 so the Government are clearly using it as a tax on commuters. We are calling on the Government to get rid of the m50 toll. There is no need for it anymore.''

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