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Posters In The City Identifying Drug Use Permitted Zones Are 'Lies'.

Emily Keegan
Emily Keegan

03:52 6 Aug 2023

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A number of posters around the city, which say 'Crack and heroin use permitted in this area' were not authorised by the City Council, according to one councillor.

Photographs of the posters, which include the city council and government logo, have been getting a lot of attention online.

Sinn Féin Councillor, Daithí Doolan, says the posters were not authorised by the City Council, and have nothing to do with them.

He adds that putting up these posters is only creating more problems surrounding the drugs crisis, and says those responsible should work with those who are already trying to tackle these issues.

"As a city councillor, I can state quite categorically that these posters are false. They have nothing to do with Dublin City Council whatsoever. The message on them is misleading, baseless and lies, claiming that certain parts of Dublin have been designated for heroin and crack use".

"And I think people putting up posters anonymously that are baseless and lies, they need to come forward and stop hiding behind the smokescreen of these posters and work with those of us that have been involved with tackling the drugs crisis for many many years".

Cllr Doolan added that he understands the frustration amongst members of the public surrounding the drugs crisis, and mentions that it should be a priority for the government to address the matter.

"I understand communities feel abandoned by this government and by the guards. But simply spreading lies doesn't create a good situation, it only sows seeds of frustration, anger and mistrust".

"What we need is that this government needs to prioritise tackling the causes and consequences of the drugs crisis. It needs to reverse the cuts to the local drugs task forces, it needs to greatly increase investment in treatment and rehabilitation. And those people behind this poster should stand shoulder to shoulder with those of us who are making those demands".


Photo credit: @DaithiDoolan

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