Phoenix Park Bus Service Delay...


Phoenix Park Bus Service Delayed As Double Deckers Can't Fit Through The Gates

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A public bus service planned for the Phoenix Park has been delayed as the gates aren't big enough for them to fit through.

The proposed service was a key part of the Phoenix Park's transport and mobility plan.

Linking Heuston station and Cabra, it included stops at the park's visitor centre as well as Dublin Zoo.

However, the Irish Times reports the historic gates on the northside of the park aren't big enough for a double-decker bus to pass through.

It's understood alternative options are being examined, with Green Party Councillor Janet Horner saying two solutions should be looked at.

"We can look at the Chesterfield Avenue gates which are more than wide enough to accommodate a bus," she told 98FM.

"Or we can look at a smaller, shuttle bus-like service to use at the Cabra gate.

"It doesn't seem viable that we should be looking at further delays when I think there are very obvious alternatives available to us."

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