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Outdoor Hospitality Re-Opening Won't Solve Anti Social Behaviour - Gannon


02:52 7 Jun 2021

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The reopening of outdoor dining won't solve the issues between the Gardaí and groups of people across cities, according to one Dublin TD.

Fourteen people were arrested yesterday evening in Dublin city for public order offences, while eight arrests took place in Cork.

The opening of outdoor dining is thought to remedy the gathering of large unorganised crowds.

"Where Is The Leadership Here?"

But Gary Gannon, says better coordination from the Dublin City Council and Gardaí is badly needed:

"I don't think we can just expect this re-opening to solve the problem because it won't."

"What will solve the problem is more pedestrianisation of our streets."

"More encouragement for people to use the city in a way that's friendly and safe."

"Keep our parks open, don't close them down."

"To make the city a place that's open and welcoming, that's the responsibility of the city manager."

"But he seems to be absent from this conversation over the coming months."



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