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Orders To Open More Special Needs School Places "Not Enough"

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98FM News

03:36 24 Aug 2019

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Parents campaigning for a dedicated school for kids with autism say simply telling schools to open new places for them won't be enough.

Six schools in Blanchardstown have been ordered by the Department of Education to open extra spaces for children with special needs.

Almost 90 children in the area have no school place going into the start of term.

Spokesperson for the Autism School Dublin 15 group Síle Parsons says just ordering schools to open up new units won't tackle the crisis.

"It's not enough," she said.

"Asking schools to open classes is a start but the reason those schools probably have not opened classes to date is because of the lack of resources they have available to them."

"It's very hard to find a teacher in an existing school for a teacher to go in and work in that unit. Most teachers if they have no additional training they start in a unit in September and they actually don't gain any training until the end of October," she added.

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