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Musty Tasting Water In Dublin And Wicklow Safe - Irish Water

Emma Tyrrell
Emma Tyrrell

10:21 6 Oct 2022

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Despite a mouldy smell and taste to drinking supplies in parts of Dublin and Wicklow, Irish Water insists it's safe to drink from the tap.

Low levels of a substance called Methylisoborneol, or MIB, have been discovered, that's not toxic to humans. It's a naturally occurring organic substance produced by algae found in lakes, rivers, streams and reservoirs.

Irish Water says it follows ongoing testing of the raw water for the supplies in Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown, Dublin City and North and East Wicklow areas.

The utility says it's impossible to say how long it will last but it's expected to be resolved in the short term.

Tom Cuddy is Head of Asset Operations with Irish Water;

"We understand the concerns raised by some customers in relation to the smell or taste of their drinking water. While the smell and taste can be unpleasant for some customers, MIB is not toxic or harmful and the water remains safe to drink."

Green party councillor for Dublin city, Donna Cooney, says it's not pleasant;

"Ir's quite overpowering, it's quite strong so there must be quite a level of it in the water. They're saying that it's a form of algae and that it's actually harmless to human health, not harmful to human health. But I mean the taste and the smell, it's not pleasant."

The company says it will continue to keep the water supply under close review and will continue to monitor for levels of MIB in the water.

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