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Minimum Unit Pricing On Alcohol Set To Be Introduced 'As Soon As Possible'


03:30 25 Apr 2021

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A move to end the sale of cheap alcohol is set to be introduced as soon as possible

The Sunday Independent reports the Minimum Unit Pricing on alcohol is now going to be officially introduced, after legislation was passed in 2018.

The paper reports this could see the price of supermarket own-brand spirits like gin and vodka rise by up to 60 per cent.

Eunan McKinney of Alcohol Action Ireland says those who drink good quality alcohol in moderation will not be affected by this.

"The vast majority of people that do drink alcohol tend not to drink those cheap strong alcohol products that are available at such exceptional affordibilty."

"The average person tends to focus on buying well established, well known alcohol products and those products are usually well above minimum unit pricing range anyhow"

The Sunday Independent reports the move could see a can of beer cost a minimum of €1.32 and a bottle of wine cost at least €7.75.

The introduction of MUP has been delayed since legislation was passed in 2018, leading to frustration from some campaign groups.

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