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Local Property Tax Rates In Dublin City To Remain Unchanged

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Homeowners in Dublin City will see no change to their property tax bills next year.

Dublin City Council chief executive Owen Keegan had warned of a funding gap of €46million to €50million and had asked for councillors to increase current rates by 15 percent.

Mr Keegan acknowledged the predicament homeowners faced due to high inflation.

He said increasing it by 15% would have provided an extra 28 million in funding, but councillors decided to keep the current rates instead.

"It is reckless at this point in the process to be facing into a Budget in six weeks' time without solutions on the table," said Green Party councillor Janet Horner.

Meanwhile, Fianna Fail was among the parties which criticised the tax as a whole.

In opposing, councillor Deirdre Heaney said: "We feel the Local Property Tax remains a very unfair tax on ordinary people.

"[They] have to pay more in property tax than other residents in most other counties."

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