Law Which Bans Naming Of Child...


Law Which Bans Naming Of Child Murder Victims Will Be Changed, McEntee Says

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The Justice Minister has pledged to change a law which bans the identification of child murder victims.

Helen McEntee said she'll be bringing proposals on how to fix the issue to Cabinet next week.

Section 252 of the Children Act prohibits the identification of child victims.

A ruling last year confirmed that protection also exists in cases where the child is dead.

The mother of a boy who was murdered in 2019 today called for the fast-tracking of proposed changes to a law prohibiting the identification of child homicide victims.

She was speaking after the boy’s uncle was jailed for life today for stabbing the 11-year-old to death in the south west of the country.

This evening, Minister McEntee tweeted: "None of us can imagine this mother’s heartbreak, and I offer my deepest sympathies to her. I will ensure the law does not cause her and other parents more pain.

"Every child’s name must be remembered. No parent should be stopped from preserving the legacy of their children."

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