Ireland To Witness Partial Sol...


Ireland To Witness Partial Solar Eclipse Tomorrow


04:15 9 Jun 2021

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People across Ireland will be able to witness a partial solar eclipse tomorrow.

Astronomy Ireland says the cosmic event will last for almost three hours.

Do Not Look Directly at The Sun

From around 10am tomorrow morning this partial eclipse will be visible.

For about 2 and a half hours almost half of the sun will be blocked out by the moon.

David Moore from Astronomy Ireland says it will be spectacular event:

"From Ireland we'll get to see about 45% of the sun's diameter covered by the moon."

"It'll probably cool down a few degrees too!"

People are being urged not to look directly at the sun while the partial eclipse is happening.

Seanie Morris, from the Midlands Astronomy Club, has this advice:

"Don't use sunglasses to look directly at the sun."

"Do not use a telescope or binoculars even with what you may think is proper shielding."

"You'll get more enjoyment by taking a colander, a sieve or something that has holes in it."

"Then use that to project the crescent shapes through those holes onto a background, with paper or the pavement."

It's set to be mostly cloudy tomorrow across the western half of the country, with sunny breaks elsewhere.

Astronomy Ireland says all you need is a tiny break to be able to see the eclipse.

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