Iraq Prime Minister Unscathed...


Iraq Prime Minister Unscathed After Failed Drone Attack


03:34 7 Nov 2021

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An exploding drone attack has failed to assassinate the Iraqi Prime Minister.


Mustafa al-Kadhimi was left unharmed after an armed drone targeted his residence in Baghdad’s heavily fortified Green Zone.


He later appeared on Iraqi television calling the attempt on his life a 'Cowardly' response to recent election results.


Barry Andrews is an MEP based in Iraq, he says the tension has been bubbling since the election a month ago:


"Time has run out for a recount, so there has been an upsurge in violence by the parties that lost out. Plus there were lots of younger people who decided to boycott the election."


Heavily-armed militias, backed by Iran, lost much of their parliamentary power in the 10 October election and have alleged voting and vote-counting irregularities.

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