Travel "Green List" Reportedly Delayed Until July 20th

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04:25 4 Jul 2020

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Travel restrictions are likely to remain in place until at least July 20th.

That includes Government quarantine requirements and advice to avoid foreign travel.

There are fears of a resurgence in coronavirus infections in other countries.

While travelling to and from those nations could lead to a rise in imported cases here.

The publication of a "green list" of countries had been expected to be published next week.

So that was to coincide with restrictions set to be eased from July 9th.

However, according to the Irish Times, that has now be put off until July 20th.

Yesterday's Cabinet sub-committee on Covid-19 was advised concerns of a resurgence in the virus internationally means current travel advice should remain.

That would also mean there'd be no lifting of the 14 day quarantine requirement and current advice not to travel abroad.

The paper reports the cautious approach by Government is to ensure schools are given the best opportunity to reopen in September.

The full Cabinet is set to meet on Monday to further discuss the issue.

Taskforce Chair Calls For Clarity On Green List

The news has been met with questions and concerns.

Ruth Andrews, chair of the Tourism Recovery Taskforce, says the uncertainty can't go on:

"We had looked towards the 9th of July."

"So what we're hearing now is that it's going to be more like the 20th of July."

"What we need is absolute clarity."

"Post that, we also need to understand is: if it's going to be a decision on the 20th of July."

"Could we have clarity as to what that decision is likely to be, and what countries are likely to be in the mix."


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