Hundreds More Clamps Issued In...


Hundreds More Clamps Issued In Dublin City This Year

Emma Tyrrell
Emma Tyrrell

09:40 19 Dec 2023

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1,200 more clamps were issued in Dublin city in the first eleven months of the year, compared to the whole of 2022.

In total 41,964 vehicles had wheel locks attached between January and the start of December, bringing in more than €5 million.

Ranelagh has topped the clamping list this year, with drivers 22 per cent more likely to get clamped in the area than in the next most clamped area.

It was followed by Clarendon Street and then Mespil Road.

Last year 40,732 clamps were issued, while 9,724 vehicles were relocated. 3,521 clamps were illegally removed.

Councillor James Geoghegan says it's become a cottage industry;

"I mean the whole purpose of clamping I suppose was to have something that was quite a deterrent that you'd come back to your car, you'd see this horrible yellow yoke stuck on your wheel, you'd have to ring up, you'd have to wait hours and that would frustrate you enough that you'd never make a mistake again when it came to parking."

But he says that's not what has happened "the number of clampers is actually increasing" he said.

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