HSE To Deploy Antigen Testing...


HSE To Deploy Antigen Testing If Case Numbers Increase

Adrian Harmon
Adrian Harmon

06:52 20 Jul 2021

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People who are close contacts of someone with Covid-19 may be asked to do their own antigen test at home.

This could happen if the number of cases of the virus continue to rise.

At present, close contacts of someone with Covid-19 can get a PCR test to see if they’ve contracted the virus.

The Irish Independent is reporting the HSE has it’s a different plan in place if more than 20 thousand people a day need a test.

It’s current capacity is 14,000.

The close contact wouldn’t be automatically offered the PCR test which is analysed in a lab.

Instead, they would be given a packet of five antigen tests to do at home themselves.

If they are positive, they’d then be asked to come in for a PCR test.

If this happens, it would be the first time the HSE has deployed antigen testing among the general public.

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