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Homeless Charity Offers Christmas Tree Collection As Fundraiser

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98FM News

05:26 1 Jan 2020

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A homeless charity in Dublin is offering to collect your wilting Christmas tree for a donation of just €10 towards its services.

It's the first year the Mendicity Institute has tried the fundraising drive -- and they say they've already had some takers even with four days of the holiday left.

Recycling centres across all areas of the city are back open from tomorrow for those who want to do the job themselves.

But Chris Andrews, who works at the Mendicity, says if you want to keep your car clean, you can call them to help.

"We collect it from your home and bring it to a recycling centre -- so you won't find bristles in your car for the next year [and] it won't be lying out your back garden for another six months before someone gets rid of it."

People are being invited to text 086-0203740 to arrange a collection.

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