Fears Liberties Market Roof At...


Fears Liberties Market Roof At Risk Of Collapse After Storm Barra Damage


03:28 10 Dec 2021

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There are fears for the stability of what's left of the roof of the Iveagh Market in Dublin after damage sustained during Storm Barra.

The market is at the centre of an ongoing legal dispute over its ownership.

Liberties residents say high winds have collapsed sections of the protected structure's roof in recent days.

Andrew O'Connell from the Reclaim Iveagh Markets Group says the city council must step in and make emergency repairs.

"It's my market, it's your market, everyone in Dublin, everyone in Ireland , it's a market that belongs to everyone that was given to the city of Dublin. ," he said. "It operated and was in existence for 90 years in good nick. Because it's been lying empty for nearly twenty years that damage has just got worse and worse."

"The roof structure took a severe bashing from Storm Barra. I'm not an engineer but looking at one of those pictures I'd easily say 20 to 30 feet long. Combined, a number of glasses have gone from the roof as well as some of the structural support to the walls. That damage wasn't there before the storm," he said.

"The main priority is for Dublin City Council to go back to the courts and get some sort of agreement with the mediator to engage and act rapidly to get engineers out on site this weekend to assess the damage that's been done," he added.

Image: Kieran Doyle O’Brien, taken November 25th

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