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Dublin Zoo Moves Majority Of Birds Indoors Due To Bird Flu Fears

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Dublin Zoo has moved the majority of birds indoors due to fears over bird flu.

It follows advice from the Department of Agriculture in order to protect the birds at the zoo.

They will be off view until further notice, and therefore can't be seen by visitors.

"Dublin Zoo is aware that bird flu outbreaks have been confirmed in a number of areas across the country," it said in a statement. 

"The species that cannot be seen by visitors include the Humboldt penguin, ostrich, little egret, peafowl, citron-crested cockatoo, waldrapp ibis, Chilean flamingo and Indian runner duck.

"The Abyssinian ground hornbill can still be seen in their habitat."

It follows similar action from Fota Wildlife Park in Cork, who last month put safeguards in place to protect their bird species.

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