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Dublin Simon: "Encouraging" Homeless Figures Have Shown Strong Momentum

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06:49 25 Jun 2020

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The Dublin Simon Community says there's a 'tail-wind' behind homeless services now that needs to continue.

8,876 people were registered as homeless last month.

The Department of Housing reports that 459 fewer families needed emergency accommodation compared to April.

2,787 children were without a home this May.

Homeless Figures "Encouraging" - Minister

However the Department says the number of families in emergency accommodation has dropped to a three year low.

While that figure is currently at 1,217.

Minister Murphy welcomed the figures:

"Significantly there are fewer families in emergency accommodation today than at any point in the last three years."

"The number of families and children in emergency accommodation fell in 2019, the first annual fall in a number of years."

Additionally. Eoghan Murphy said that "...the good work of those in homeless services has continued throughout the Covid-19 crisis."

"Tail-Wind" Needs To Be Taken Advantage Of

CEO of Dublin Simon, Sam McGuinness says the state, the councils and the Health Service have to take advantage of this momentum:

"We need good partnership."

"To continue our partnership with the local authorities who are working with us to try and prevent people from losing their homes."

"Or to get them into new homes."

"At the same time what we really need now is the HSE to continue their focus that they've been putting on helping us to save lives."

"We need them to continue that focus."

Dublin Simon has also called on the HSE to "do something" about their funding for mental health and addiction issues.

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