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Dublin Grandad Looking For Childhood Sweetheart, 55 Years Later

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A Dublin grandfather is searching for his childhood sweetheart 55 years after they parted ways.

Gerry Malone, has put a call out to find "Catherine From the Liberties", so he can apologise for not giving her a Christmas present back in 1966 - as he had no money to spare.

Catherine has come to his mind many times over the years. "especially at Christmas".

"I don't know how to put it, at 15 years of age it was love - there's no question about it."

"I've never felt it since," he added.

Gerry began his search with a Facebook post, that went viral almost instantly.

"In 20 minutes, I had 900 replies," he said.

The proud granddad of three says he's been overwhelmed by the "whirlwind response" and is looking forward to making amends with his former flame.



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