Deloitte To Create 300 New Job...


Deloitte To Create 300 New Jobs Over The Next Two Years

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Deloitte is to create 300 new jobs over the next two years.

The company says the roles will be across all areas of it's business, though the majority are in consulting.

It will add to it's existing 3,000 strong workforce in Ireland, with a large campus in Dublin.

CEO of Deloitte Ireland Harry Goddard says the business is still human-focused despite technology advancements.

He said there's some skepticism surrounding Artificial Intelligence Devices.

"Certainly there was a nervousness that they could become the future advisory services," he said.

But the Chief Executive says a "combination of both" AI and human intelligence is paramount.

"We need people to build relationships to understand the sorts of issues that the [AI] is trying to resolve."

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