COVID-19: 3,692 New Cases, 4,3...


COVID-19: 3,692 New Cases, 4,347 Positive Antigen Tests In Ireland

Jack Quann
Jack Quann

05:37 24 Jan 2022

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There have been 3,692 further confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Ireland.

Latest figures also show that 4,347 people registered a positive antigen test through the HSE portal yesterday.

While there are 885 patients hospitalised with the virus - of which 76 are in ICU.

When the PCR-confirmed cases and positive antigen tests are combined, the cases figure for today is 8,039.

It comes as the Fórsa trade union is urging businesses not to ‘revert back to 2019 as if none of this ever happened’ as the return to the workplace begins.

Businesses can ask their workers to return to the office from today, after the Government gave the green light to a phased return on Friday.

But Fórsa's head of communications Bernard Harbor earlier said businesses, unions and Government must work together to ensure we keep the benefits offered by remote working wherever possible.

"To put it bluntly, what we don’t want to see is a reversal back to 2019 as if none of this ever happened,” he said.

"One of the very few benefits that has come out of the pandemic is that this model has been tested and has been shown to have worked.

"After two years nearly of remote working, most workers who have been working from home have now got long-established arrangements for childcare transport and elder care and other aspects of balancing work and family time,” he said.

"We need a phased return to workplaces that acknowledges and accommodates that, at least in the immediate term."

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