City Council Orders Street Art...


City Council Orders Street Art To Be Removed

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Dublin City Council has ordered the removal of another iconic piece of street art from a wall in Portobello.

It's the second piece by the group Subset, which says the move contradicts the local authority’s cultural strategy.

The mural of David Attenborough was unveiled on the side of a property on Longwood Avenue in Portobello on the climate Activist's 93rd birthday.

A member of Subset has said it contains a political message, "we're trying to raise as much awareness for the group called Friends of the Irish Environment who are taking the Government to court over inaction on climate change. They say they're knowingly not bringing their attention to dangerous levels."


Dublin City Council’s planning enforcement office has described the mural as an unauthorised development, and they want it removed.

However, the owner of the property where the mural is located has no objection to it being there.

Green Party Councillor for the area Claire Byrne says the issue of responsibility for street art is a grey area, saying "this does highlight the problem we have around street art in general in the city, and who's responsible for it and in terms of planning."

Meanwhile, Councillor Byrne says there has been some mixed reaction to the mural locally,

But in her opinion, it should be kept. The Green Party member said, "we have a serious problem with graffiti in Portobello at the moment, and that particular wall was a target for relentless tagging, and this mural has helped to curb that."

The mural is the second piece by SUBSET to have fallen foul of the council’s planning department in recent weeks.

Last month more than 5,000 people signed a petition to retain the group's Horseboy mural in Smithfield.



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