Asylum Seekers Pitch Tents In...


Asylum Seekers Pitch Tents In Ballsbridge Park

Emma Tyrrell
Emma Tyrrell

09:22 3 May 2024

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Asylum seekers, who had been staying on Mount Street in Dublin, have pitched tents in Ballsbridge.

Up to 15 people arrived at St Mary's Church Park last night according to the Irish Times after they were told there was no state accommodation for them.

The paper reports the parish priest gave the men permission to stay for the night after gardaí were called.

Yesterday officials at the International Protection Office told around 100 migrants the State cannot provide shelter for them.

It comes as homeless charities call for greater government funding to deal with the increase in asylum seekers using their services.

Almost 1,840 international protection applicants are currently without accommodation, with many depending on charities for food and supplies.

Chairman of Tiglin, Aubrey McCarthy, says the situation is unprecedented;

"My manager he used the words this is insane. Organisations such as ourselves can do this but we need further support."

He says they helped a number of the men who had been staying in tents at Mount Street after they developed pneumonia.


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