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Apple Launched The First iPhone 10 Years Ago Today


03:27 9 Jan 2017

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It's ten years to the day since Apple first launched the iPhone. Since then, the firm's sold more than a billion of them - making it the world's most valuable company.

Remember the sheer excitement when, in January 2007, Steve Jobs introduced us to the 'smartphone' that we could use with our fingertips?

Technology journalist Oliver Smith says 11 versions later, it's easy to forget the device redefined the mobile phone "phones before this were not like this. They had dozens of buttons, keypads, Blackberrys with lots of buttons".

"The iPhone brought this idea that you just had a screen - that is all you needed. At the time companies like Blackberry laughed, because they said that people would not type on glass".

The original iPhone's display was just 3.5 inches, smaller than a credit card, the camera was very basic and it couldn't do video. Also, it didn't have an App Store, so users were stuck with the basic apps Apple had pre-loaded onto it.

Before iPhone, the fanciest we got with phones was a Blackberry, games on Nokia's N-Gage or frantically flipping your Motorola Razr. Now, you can download apps that can do your food shopping, call you a can or even find you your perfect partner.

While it hasn't made any dramatic changes to the iPhone in the last couple of years, Apple is expected to unveil an all-new iPhone in 2017 to mark ten years since it changed the world of smartphones.

Here's to the next ten!

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