Ana Kriegel: A Timeline


Ana Kriegel: A Timeline

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98FM News

03:11 18 Jun 2019

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Both 'Boy A' and 'Boy B' have been found guilty of murdering Ana Kriegel at a derelict farmhouse in Lucan.

'Boy A' has also been convicted of violently sexually assaulting the schoolgirl just over a year ago.

98FM's Frank Greaney, who was in court for the entire trial, has created a time-line of events:

May 14 2018: The day Ana went missing

8.15am: Ana’s mother Geraldine wakes her daughter up and kisses her goodbye before she goes to work. This was the last time she saw her alive.

4.02pm: Geraldine Kriegél receives a missed call from Ana’s phone.

4.03pm: Geraldine Kriegél receives a second missed call from Ana’s phone. She is unable to answer because she is in a meeting.

4.30pm: BOY A arrives home from school.

4.45pm: BOY A goes out. His mother told the trial she assumed he was calling to friends.

4.51pm: CCTV shows BOY B walking alone down the side of a house near Ana’s home in Leixlip, Co. Kildare.

4.55pm: BOY B calls for Ana.

4.57pm: CCTV shows somebody wearing a backpack walking along a laneway in the park. Gardaí believe this is BOY A. He denies it.

5.01pm: CCTV shows Ana and BOY B walking in the direction of the park. He is walking ahead of her and she appears to be following behind.

5.05pm: CCTV shows boy with backpack wearing gloves walking on a path beside a field which leads to the abandoned house. Gardaí believe this is BOY A. Again, he denies it.

5.08pm: Man sees a “tall, gangly boy” with a backpack dropping into a ditch and into the field leading up to the abandoned house. Gardaí believe this is BOY A.

5.10pm: Geraldine Kriegél calls her daughter back but it goes to her voicemail.

5.14pm: CCTV shows two people walking diagonally across field leading to the abandoned house. Prosecution claims this is BOY B and Ana.

5.20pm: Geraldine Kriegél arrives home and becomes “immediately concerned” when she learns Ana has left the house with BOY B

5.32pm: Ana’s phone pings off a mast on the Lucan side of the park where she was last seen alive. BOY A’s phone was pinging off the same mast at the same time.

5.40pm: Geraldine Kriegél walks up to a nearby park looking for Ana. Gardaí believe Ana is already dead at this stage.

5.49pm: CCTV shows BOY B coming back into view of cameras at BMX track. He appears to be walking towards the ranger’s hut. He had been absent since 5.16pm and couldn't account for that 33min absence during his Garda interviews.

5.56pm: CCTV shows BOY B near ranger’s hut.

6.03pm: CCTV shows boy whom prosecution believe to be BOY A passing same camera BOY B passed a few minutes beforehand.

5.55pm: BOY A calls over to friend’s house. His friend told the trial he looked scared and had some blood on his t-shirt. He was also limping. When he asked him what happened, he claimed he had been jumped in the park.

6pm: BOY A returns home looking “very pale and shaking” according to his mother who also noticed blood on his clothes.

6.15pm: BOY A’s father drives his son back to the park to see if they can find the two men he claimed to have been attacked by. He makes complaint to park ranger who described BOY A as looking like a “rabbit caught in headlights”.

6.40pm: Geraldine Kriegél goes looking for Ana in her car.

6.45pm: CCTV shows BOY A’s father driving towards park with his son in the passenger seat.

6.53pm: CCTV shows BOY A and his father arriving at the ranger’s hut.

9pm: Ana’s parents report her to Gardaí as a Missing Person.

10.25pm: Gardaí go to BOY B’s home and speak to his mother. He comes to the door and tells them he called for Ana earlier that evening and went to a park near her home. He said they spoke briefly in the park before going their separate ways

May 15 2018

Gardaí return to BOY B’s home. This is the first he tells them of BOY A being in the park too. Gardaí speak to BOY A. Both boys are taken to the park to retrace the steps they took with Ana the day before. Gardaí noted a number of inconsistencies in their accounts so voluntary statements were taken from them separately.

May 16 2018

Garda assigned to assist in Missing Person investigation by overseeing up to 700 hours of CCTV footage harvested from a number of places of interest.

GP examines BOY A in light of what he claimed to be injuries sustained during the alleged attack as he left the park two days beforehand.

May 17 2018

1pm: Gardaí find Ana’s naked body in a derelict farmhouse called Glenwood House in Lucan, Co. Dublin.

A post-mortem is carried out later that day. The then State Pathologist Professor Marie Cassidy concludes that Ana died from blunt force trauma to the head and neck. A murder investigation is officially launched.

May 24 2018

Both boys are arrested. Their homes are also searched. Questioning takes place over the next two days.

July 7 2018

BOY B is arrested and questioned for a second time before he's also charged with Ana’s murder.

April 2019

The trial begins before a jury of eight men and four women at the Central Criminal Court.

June 19 2019

2.12pm: Jury returns with unanimous verdicts after 14hrs 25mins of deliberations over five days. BOY A is convicted of murder and aggravated sexual assault. BOY B is also convicted of murder. Both are remanded in custody ahead of their sentence hearing on July 15th.

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