Almost 60% Of South Dublin Cou...


Almost 60% Of South Dublin Council Tenants In Arrears

Fiona Cooney
Fiona Cooney

07:46 11 May 2022

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59% of council tenants in South Dublin are facing court action after new figures reveal that rent arrears amounting to €11.66 million are outstanding.

There are currently 2,161 accounts less than six weeks in arrears and 1,283 between one and five years in arrears.

Commenting on the situation, Fine Gael group leader, Councillor David McManus, said:

"The council charge some of the lowest rents in the country but have the highest level of arrears.

We're not looking to make a profit on social housing, but the money is necessary and it's needed to ensure adequate investment".

He adds: "It's a breach of the tenancy agreement, and therefore if they don't engage with the council and come to some sort of agreement to repay what's owed and clear their arrears, unfortunately, the council has no other option.

If tenants aren't willing to engage, they'll go down the legal route and seek repossession of the property, and then reassign that property to another family that are on the housing list".

Social housing support is provided by a local authority or an approved housing body to people who are assessed as being unable to afford housing from their own resources.

The Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) is among the schemes available. A monthly payment is made to a private landlord, by a local authority. The tenant is then required to contribute a certain percentage of the rent.

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