At Least 700 Women Have Travel...


At Least 700 Women Have Travelled For Abortion Care Since 2019 - People Before Profit

Valerie McHugh
Valerie McHugh

11:25 24 May 2023

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At least 700 women have had to travel for abortion care from 2019 to last year.

That's according to People Before Profit, despite tomorrow being the fifth anniversary of the Repeal referendum.

The party is looking to overhaul Ireland's abortion care with a new bill that's due for discussion tomorrow.

Co-Director of the Together for Yes campaign, Ailbhe Smyth, says voters didn't ask for this:

She says: "People voted to make abortion legal. And they didn't say "we've got to dot this 'i' and cross this 't'".

She also says: "They said "solve this problem".

"We have a problem of people travelling. It is time for us to resolve this problem.

"Stop coming at us with all of these limits, caveats and reservations and so on and so forth."

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