50% Of Adults Are Now Fully Va...


50% Of Adults Are Now Fully Vaccinated Against Covid-19

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50% of adults are now fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

HSE CEO Paul Reid says the milestone has been reached, while 69 percent have had at least one dose of a vaccine.

It's expected that all adults could be fully protected against severe effects of Covid-19 by the end of August or early September.

Under-35s will continue to receive the Johnson and Johnson vaccine in pharmacies today while 34-year-olds can sign up for an MRNA jab on Friday.

Brian MacCraith, who chairs the vaccination taskforce says the uptake for the vaccine among the younger age cohort has "taken off".

"We're hearing a lot of positive news from the uptake at pharmacies right around the country," he said.

"If the uptake keeps going at the really significant level it has been to date, we would have to have the vaccine administered to all adults by early September or at best late August."

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