Jax Jones Is Set To Work With...


Jax Jones Is Set To Work With Kate Middleton For His Next Music Video


12:41 28 Aug 2023

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Is this the strangest music collab ever?

One of the biggest DJs right now is teaming up with literal royalty!

Jax Jones will be touring with some live shows next year and rumour has it that Kate Middleton will starring in the visuals that play on the screen behind him as he does his set.

Kate and William are said to be big fans of Jax Jones and the pair previously worked together as the DJ was an ambassador for her 'Shaping Up' campaign which is highlights the importance of early childhood.

Now it looks like it's time for Kate to get her groove on as she dips into the world of Jax Jones.

The DJ has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry and even produced Kylie Minogue's 'Padam Padam' - arguably the song of the summer!

Speaking to The Sun, Jax, whose real name is Timucin Lam, spoke about the rumours of this unusual collaboration:

"I am talking to Kate’s team about doing a special visual for my shows of her dancing," he said, "That would be sick, right? I wanted to do it for the Summertime Ball but it’s still in progress. You know you’ve got to use those connections."

“I am seeing them again in December. We are shooting a bunch of content — they haven’t shot it down as an idea." he added, “They said they are up for it but they have the official channels."

“You can’t just bring out your camera phone and shoot Kate. She has a big team so you have to do it properly."

We'll be watching with interest!

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