Hannah From S Club 7 Reportedl...


Hannah From S Club 7 Reportedly ‘Blindsided’ By Band Leaving Her Out The Reunion


10:48 31 Jul 2023

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There’s a lot more drama surrounding the S Club 7 tour reunion than we initially thought.

S Club 7 (which have now renamed themselves to S Club) are set to take off on a reunion tour around the UK and Ireland later this year.

But now it’s come out that one of the bands members, Hannah Spearitt, was purposefully left out of the reunion, and was ‘blindsided’ by the entire thing.


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The narrative before now was that Hannah had decided to take a step back from the reunion herself following the death of her ex boyfriend and former boyfriend Paul Cattermole, who tragically passed away in April.
The news came just weeks after the band announced that all 7 of them were reuniting for a series of concerts around the UK and Ireland.

Now it's come out and said this wasn’t the case at all.

An insider close to Hannah claims that there was a row over contracts and the singer was left feeling 'betrayed' when the band announced she wouldn't be partaking in the reunion.

"Hannah is devastated. She was pushed out, and doesn't understand why. The rest of S Club has been told not to contact her." an insider told The Sun.

In a recent appearance on The One Show on BBC, the band were asked about Hannah's absence.

"'The door's always open." Jon said, "I mean we've got lots of stuff coming up after the tour, we've got loads of stuff coming up near the end of this year but there are loads of projects that we're working on for next year as well.

"So you know, she could always pop in and join us maybe for something next year."

We can't imagine she'll want to pop in and join them if the rumours are to be believed!

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