50 Cent In Trouble After Accid...


50 Cent In Trouble After Accidentally Hitting A Fan With A Microphone


11:58 1 Sep 2023

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50 Cent could be in some legal trouble after a microphone he threw into the crowd at his concert hit a fan in the head and left her with some serious injuries.

The rapper was getting frustrated as it seemed he was dealing with lots of broken mics throughout his performance in LA this week.

The frustration did lead to him losing his cool as footage of the incident was uploaded to the internet, showing 50 Cent hurtling the broken microphone into the crowd.

Although the video does not show where the device landed, the person who was the other end, radio host Bryhana Monegain, says it hit her square in the forehead, causing a gruesome injury.

It's being reported by TMZ that the Bryhana did file a police report for the incident and the 'In Da Club' singer could be facing charges for the damages caused.

This news comes not long after fellow rapper Cardi B found herself in similar trouble after she chucked her microphone at a fan on stage. It appeared to be in retaliation to the fan splashing her with a liquid while she was performing.

If that situation is anything like 50 Cent's though, the microphone could be auctioned off for thousands of dollars!

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