Tim Allen Says Disney Has Reac...


Tim Allen Says Disney Has Reached Out To Him And Tom Hanks To Do Toy Story 5


12:34 23 Nov 2023

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Toy Story 5 is very much in the works.

We’ve known since February this year that a fifth Toy Story was in the works, when Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed a bunch of sequels were in the pipeline, including a Frozen 3 and a Zootopia 2.

But we weren’t given much more details than that and haven’t heard anything since.

That is until Tim Allen appeared on The Tonight Show on Wednesday night and confirmed that both himself and Tom Hanks were approached to reprise the iconic voices of Buzz Lightyear and Woody.

The actor said “one of the creators of the original series” is behind the film’s script, although he didn’t reveal exactly who that was.

Tim did mention that himself and Tom Hanks did discuss among themselves whether a fifth Toy Story movie was one too many.

“They’re not saying anything about it…You wonder if four was too many. Is five going to be too much?”

“According to the scuttlebutt, the writer that’s doing it wrote one of the better ones and said, ‘If I didn’t get this right, I wouldn’t do it.’ It could be a very, very interesting way to reunite it.” he added.

That sounds promising! We’re sure the lads will happily get on board if they know the script is in safe hands.

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