Rob Brydon Reveals How He Got...


Rob Brydon Reveals How He Got A Part In The Barbie Movie


11:45 14 Jul 2023

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Possibly one of the last people we might have expected to see in the Barbie Movie 🤣

The Barbie movie comes out on the 21st of July and few films have had so much anticipation building up to its release!

The stars of the movie Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling have been travelling the world going to all the premieres. In a very smart move, Margot is attending all these premieres in classic Barbie outfits!

The London premiere happened during the week and lots of familiar faces like Nicola Coughlan and the ex Love Island stars were present.

But there's one person we didn't expect to see - Welsh comedian and actor Rob Brydon!

What we gather from that is that he had a very brief cameo role 😅

But how did the Gavin & Stacy actor end up in the Barbie movie?

“I think this came about because I had a message a few years ago that Margot Robbie was a big fan of Uncle Bryn and would I record a message for her birthday." Rob told Virgin Radio on the red carpet in Leicester Square.

"So I recorded a video for her. I think maybe this part is her way of saying thank you. I said, ‘Hello Margot. I've loved you in all your films and I'll tell you for why...’ So when I met her on the set, she said, 'Ah, thank you so much for that message…' So that was quite nice.”

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Feature Photo by Richard Goldschmidt

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