"Paddy Whackery Thick As The Orish Brogues": Liam Neeson's New Film Is Getting Trashed By Critics


11:15 13 Sep 2023

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Oh dear...

Liam Neeson's latest film is getting absolutely panned by the critics.

Despite an incredible line-up in the cast, In The Land Of Saint And Sinners, got absolutely lashed out of it at the Venice Film Festival recently.

Not what you want from a film full of Irish actors that was shot in Donegal!

In the film Liam Neeson plays a retired assassin who clashes with an IRA cell in a remote village in Donegal during the height of The Troubles.

Have a look at the trailer below and see what you think at a glance ⬇

As you can see, Irish Hollywood legends like Colm Meaney and Ciarán also star.

It wasn't enough to save the film though apparently!

In a review for The Hollywood Reporter, the critic wrote that the film is rife with Irish stereotypes.

"The paddywhackery's as thick as the Oirish brogues"

You know it's bad when the Americans are having these opinions!

They also described the film as "overwritten, overripe and likely destined to be streaming fodder."

Pretty scathing stuff! We won't lie though we're still tempted to watch 😅

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