Bradley Cooper Wants To Make A...


Bradley Cooper Wants To Make A ‘Hangover 4’


09:41 28 Nov 2023

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Great news for fans of the Hangover movies!

He may have steered in the direction of more serious movies like his recent work on Maestro, but it seems like Bradley Cooper is not above returning to the world of comedy.

Speaking in an interview with David Remnick for the New Yorker Radio Hour podcast, the actor admitted that he would do another Hangover movie “in an instant”

“Just because I love Todd [Phillips], I love Zach [Galifianakis], I love Ed [Helms] so much, I probably would”

Don’t get your hopes up too soon though! Bradley was quick to cool any rumours of a fourth movie happening.

“I don’t think Todd’s ever going to do that," the actor added referring to the movies' director.

Oh well, we’ll always have originals we can rewatch!

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