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10 Things You Don't Know About Hocus Pocus


09:37 8 Oct 2014

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1. Leonardo DiCaprio was reportedly offered the part of Max Dennison, but turned it down to star in What's Eating Gilbert Grape.

2. The movie was originally meant to be a TV movie for The Disney Channel. 

3. The movie is set around Halloween 1993 but in real life Halloween was a Sunday that year and so school wouldn't have been open.

 4. Sarah Jessica Parker did actually sing 'Come Little Children' in the movie. 

5. The Sanderson sisters were supposed to have been hanged on October 31, 1693. However, the Salem Witch Trials ended in May 1693.

6. Max hands Allison a note during class with his number but in a later scene it's a different note.

7. There hasn't been a full moon on Halloween since 1974... and there won't be another one until 2020.

8. Rosie O'Donnell was originally offered the role of Mary Sanderson but is said to have turned it down because she didn't want to play a scary witch.

9. The movie was released during the summer of 1993 rather than Autumn.

10. Penny and Gerry Marshall, the guy dressed as satan and his wife are actually brother and sister in real life.

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