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Star Wars Battlefront II receives new mode Capital Supremacy

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Star Wars Battlefront II has received a new game mode, called Capital Supremacy. The mode is similar to the Space Assault mode in the 2005 version of Battlefront II.

In Capital Supremacy, the battle starts on land, called the Ground Phase, and after you capture control points, you board a transport and assault the enemy ship, which is called the Invasion Phase.
Two teams of 20 fight on each side, with 12 AI bots to help. It would be nice to have more human players, but the AI is smart enough to pose a decent challenge.

If you fail to destroy the enemy capital ship from within, the match goes back to the Ground Phase and the fight for control points starts again. A similar mode was shown in leaked footage from the now-cancelled Star Wars Battlefront III, in which players would move from the planet into space.

While Capital Supremacy here doesn’t take you out into space, it’s still an interesting game mode, and considering it was unexpected and is free, it’s a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.

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