New Research Shows Dogs Are Go...


New Research Shows Dogs Are Good For Our Heart Health


11:48 23 Aug 2019

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We're not surprised!

Dogs make great companions and can bring such happiness to their owners.

Now, it appears, they have a positive affect on our physical health too.

New research has shown a link between owning a dog and better heart health.

Pet owners were compared with those who didn't have a pet, with 17.9% of those studied owning a dog.

The International Clinical Research Centre at St Anne’s University in Brno carried out the study.

Researcher Dr Andrea Maugeri said:

“People who owned any pet were more likely to report more physical activity, better diet, blood sugar at ideal level.

The greatest benefits from having a pet were for those who owned a dog, independent of their age, sex and education level.”

Even more reason to love them!


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